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Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshop. Organized by EMAME and Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE. 22-24 June 2018.

PUBMET2018. The Fifth Conference on Scholarly Publishing in the Context of Open Science. University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia. 20-21 September 2018.

Global Health Congress. Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, Riyadh, KSA. 10-12 September 2018.

Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting METM18. Giving credit where credit's due: recognition for authors, translators and editors. Girona, Spain. 4-6 October 2018.

New Journal: Research Integrity and Peer Review.

2017 International Peer Review Congress. Enhancing the quality and credibility of science. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 10-12 September 2017.

5th World Conference on Research Integrity. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 28-31 May 2017.

A young researcher mentions the help he received from AAEM, in a profile published in Science magazine.

OpenCon conferences are organized by and for students and early career academics, and focus on Open Access, Open Education and Open Data

Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting METM16. Raising standards through knowledge sharing and peer training. Tarragona, Spain. 13-15 October 2016.

Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME) conference. Quality, Collaboration and Public Access. Bangkok, Thailand. 27-28 August 2016.

13th European Association of Science Editors (EASE) Conference. Scientific integrity: editors on the front line. Strasbourg, France. 10-12 June 2016.

3rd International Congress on Medical Writing. Istanbul, Turkey. 5-7 May 2016.

International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) 1st Annual Asian Conference. Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing Singapore. 4-5 April 2016.

Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting METM15. Versatility and readiness for new challenges. Coimbra, Portugal. 29-31 October 2015.

REWARD / EQUATOR Conference. Increasing value and reducing waste in biomedical research. Edinburgh, UK. 28-30 September 2015.

Sixth Regional Conference on Medical Journals in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMMJ6).  Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran. 18-20 February 2015.  

WAME International Conference for Medical Journal Editors. New Dehli, India. 2-4 October 2015.

Second International Congress on Medical Writing.  Ajman, UAE. 5-7 March 2015. 

Second International Congress on Publication Ethics in Collaboration with COPE. Shiraz, Iran. 4-5 December 2014. 

Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2014. Innovation and tradition: mining the human resource. El Escorial (Madrid), Spain. 30 October - 2 November 2014   

Theme: Bridging the gaps: challenges and opportunities in publishing health science journals in the Region

Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2013. Language, Culture and Identity. Tarragona, Spain, 24-26 October 2013

1st International Congress on Medical Writing. February 19-21, 2013. Dubai, UAE. 

Identify talent, expertise within your own countries besides collaborating with experts from the region to promote research culture. Shaukat Ali Jawaid.

All Trials Registered. All Results Reported. "All trials past and present should be registered, and the full methods and the results reported."

European Association of Science Editors (EASE) conference in Split, Croatia, June 2014.